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Incubator Accessories

Incubation Digital Hygrometer

  • Digital Hygrometer

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Price: £2.99

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Incubation | Digital Hygrometer | Hygrometer

Digital Hygrometer for incubators check your humidity

Incubator Supplies

Ideal hygromerter with large display and also a clock so you can get accurate measurements to create a quality average.

Hygrometers are very important in incubation and incubators as humidity is very important to allow moisture loss from hatching eggs as the developing chicks must lose the correct percentage of moisture to allow them enough space inside the shell to turn and hatch at the right time.

More problems in incubation are caused by too much humidity that too little. I always advise caution when measuring humidity in incubators.

Although this is a hygrometer and thermometer, in your incubator supplies we only recommen a bulb thermometer aswell for the most accurate temperature possible.