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Chicken Feed | Chicken Bedding

Chicken Feed Growers Pellets 3.6kg

  • Growers Pellets 3.6kg

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Price: £8.49

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Chicken Feed | Growers Pellets | Grower Pellets | Chicken Pellets

3.6kg of Growers Pellets, which is specially formulated (this type of chicken feed is designed to give the right protein amounts at the right stage of growth), to be fed to young chickens / pullets at approx 6 weeks to 16/17 weeks of age.

How Poultry Pellets should be fed to chickens:

Poultry Grower Pellets should be fed from 6-7 weeks, and may be fed to appetite. Restrict the feed or mix with wheat to slow the growth rate.

These Chicken Pellets are DRUG-FREE, so may be fed to finish for table birds.  For birds that are to be kept as laying hens, it is best to move them on to Layers Pellets from 16/17 weeks.