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Brooders | Brooding

Titan Incubators Titan Brooder Hen 30 x 30

  • brooder hen
  • mother hen
  • Titan Brooder Hen 30 x 30

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Price: £34.99

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Brooder Hen


A great brooding electric hen brooder super energy saving model 25w of power.


Chick Brooder


Ideal brooding for up to 20 chicks. Similar principle to an Electric Hen, this chick brooder hen has the element sealed into the underside of the plate, which is easily adjustable for height as the chicks grow. 

A wonderful brooder hen and a great addition to anyone rearing baby chicks.

On this electric brooder we have new, improved plastic casing. Can also be used in the inverted position to provide under-floor heat when rearing parrot type birds in a makeshift chick brooder.

Specification: 30cmx30cm - 25w