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Chicken House Door Opener

Door Opener With Timer by Titan Incubators

  • Titan Chicken House Door Opener Timer
  • Titan Automatic Door Opener Timer Bat
  • Titan Chicken House Door Opener Timer Back
  • Titan Automatic Chicken House Door Opener Timer Morning Open
  • Titan Chicken House Door Openers Chickens Safe at Night
  • Titan Poultry House Door opener / Closer Allowing Lie In

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Price: £89.99

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Chicken House Opener | Automatic Door Opener | Chicken Door Opener


A brand new product again from Titan Incubators, this new chicken house door opener on timer is easy to use raising and lowering your chicken house door at the times you wish to set.

A brand new automatic chicken house door opener designed for our own range of chicken houses but can fit on most houses where the door opens up and down and exceeds 500g.

At almost half the price of other door openers with timers.

PLEASE NOTE MINIMUM DOOR WEIGHT 350g (Our chicken house doors are 750g) If you have a lighter door you will need to add weight for smooth use.


+ Add A Metal Door