Ok let me take a step back before I explain the title, early last year we hatched off some geese eggs but as I was away at hatching time Glyn dealt with the hatching and rearing and over the last year one has become his number one girl! Glyn at 4.30pm walks out of the office shouts ‘come on’ and from nowhere she comes chuntering and they chat to each other as she gets shut away from Mr Fox every night. A little while back she started laying eggs (fertilised by Mr Goose) I just plonked them of the shelf thinking they will make nice cakes…… but no, one evening —– “Trev can I borrow a 20 Pro Incubator?” so I said of course but why and obviously he wanted to do the geese eggs.

Yesterday he came into work so excited to say two were hatching and that more are pipping and today I have been told the ins and outs of how they hatched and how 1 had a small problem etc. At about 2pm a car turned up and it was Glyn’s wife (as this is rare for her to visit I thought he is in trouble lol) as she opened the car door she says with excitement and a smile from ear to ear ’I am a mum!! I am a mum!!’

To me this is fantastic that even staff and families whom deal with incubators and birds daily are just so excited by these hatchings, I trully hope and you get the same excitement as I am sure you will. :)