Here at P&T Poultry we have decided to develop our own products where we feel we can do a better product.

After nearly 9 months of development our development company Titan Incubators is launching its first product :) we are very excited. Why is our high intensity candler better? Well normal high intensity candlers just use standard transformer plugs to create power to the LED bulb giving a good light source with minimal heat, however we wave developed ours with an internal own built transformer which gives a far better bright light source which gives us the best ever view inside the egg we have seen from a candler.

On testing we have even gone as far as Rhea eggs and easily see life forms developing inside. My view is currently we now have the best high intensity candler on the market and now with no middle men we are looking to price this at an amazing £22.99 which really puts it as such a price there is no need to offer any other candler as this one does all colour eggs, including turkey, duck, goose, exotics, rhea and almost every bird egg type. 

Hopefully at this price everyone with an incubator can now afford the best quality candlers.