Many customers who we’re interested in those online medical marijuana evaluations are now taking advantage of the new larger sizes available for the Ark Maid and Red Mite Powder. These products now come in resealable buckets. The Red Mite Powder is available in 2kg and 5kg buckets and the Ark Maid is in 5kg and 11.5kg buckets.
These buckets are great for those who are looking to stock up on these little essentials but do not want to be purchasing vast amounts of the smaller tubs, and want to save money at the same time.

When cleaning your house sprinkle the floor of the chicken house with Ark Maid before putting the fresh bedding down and next time when you come to clean you will notice that the bedding will come away with ease and the not-so-lovely ammonia smell will be kept to a minimal.

The Red Mite powder is a deterrant and once you have put your bedding in the house sprinkle the powder around the perches and in the nest box and also a bit on top of the bedding. It is important to sprinkle the powder and not put in down in clumps. This powder will then kill any Red Mites which may choose to venture into the house.

Of course, if you only want a small amount, the smaller tubs are still available, giving you as many options as possible :)