I was discussing with Glyn today how to eradicate red mite on the chicken housing and he showed me a house with red mite and said he can not get rid of it. I looked at the house and it was obvious to me the problem but not to him because I personally have not shown him how to kill red mite in our housing.

Glyn has done every thing but 1 thing to kill the mite, when you have an infestion in our houses they are easy to kill but you must remember to UNSCREW the top cap, remove it, treat it and replace this. Do this 2-3 times and you will kill the mites. If you imagine the top cap is like felt and mites will breed like crazy there, so remove this and treat (at least twice in your treatment cycle) you will find your treatment works, without treating under the top cap you may find and issue with mites always comming back for more
The top cap is needed to stop leaking but a wooden one is easily removed for treating where as felt is not.

In the next month or two I will start to do more videos for you and I can guarantee I will do a red mite treatment one for you.