Well finally the days are getting longer and the egg laying hormone is returning to the hens and the cockerels are getting more active you can concider incubating your fertile eggs again.

However please remember we are just into Feb, this means it is still cold hatching eggs must be collected very fresh and stored at 8-10c please do not store them in the garage or outhouse or they may well freeze overnight and die.

When you have stored your eggs and have enough to start incubating again please do not forget to run your incubator in a heated room, all incubators should run in rooms above 15c if the temp goes lower than this at night then you will have problems with the incubator burning itself out or incubating eggs getting under 37.5c as the incubator just can not cope.

So many people incubate in unheated rooms in the summer and of course get away with it but it is not summer now so please thing of the surronding conditions and you will get good early hatches but forget about them and you will have early disasters.

We are incubating and getting good results as can you :)

I wish you great success in your early incubation.