Hi all, I am so sorry that I have not written for so long it has just been so hectic - I will try to write more often when I believe I have something that may help.

In the last 6 weeks we have sold more feather peck spray than in the last 12 months, feather pecking seems to be on the up. Due to the wet 2008 and cold winter 2008/2009 feather pecking is dramatically on the increase and I believe this is a quick protein fix for the birds.

It is important to use Ukadex to stop the pecking but also pro-poultry vits with their feed to condition them up so the protein fix/craving is removed, without removing the craving feather pecking is likley to return. You can also boil and then mash up some eggs and mix with some layers pellets for a week which should help with boosting their protein levels - NEVER GIVE THEM RAW EGGS.

What I would also suggest is to stop next winters feather pecking is to use pro poultry vits again from mid september and also give the birds a handful of cut maize every night raising to 2 handfuls at the end of october until mid december, then moving on to mixed poultry corn from december to mid-end of feb. This should allow the birds to fatten up (condition) themselves for the winter and really start the season off running from early March.

Layers pellets is fantastic feed and gives the birds most of what they need but a helping hand over the darker colder months really brings them through ready to get back to good quality healthy laying during the warmer lighter months. I always find feather pecking is not a problem this way and egg quality / volume is better this way.

I hope this helps your girls :)