Hi, I am sorry this problem seems to be high this season. AgainĀ I say this is mainly related to too much humidity in your incubator. It is great news that more people are incubating but there are three things you must get right :- Temp, Humidity and Hygiene. Control these three elements and with good fertile eggs you should get good results.

Ensure you use fresh eggs a good incubator (I recommend RCOM Incubators) and incubator disinfectant. Also remember too much humidity is much worse than too little.

40%-45% for the first 19 days 37.7c

60%-65% for the last 2 days 37.5c for hen eggs.

Clean eggs before setting in a good egg/incubator disinfectant. Ensure the water-disinfectant soultionĀ is slightly warmer than the egg and give a gentle clean.