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Dear Customer,

It has come to our attention despite being supplied a CE certification with our units there are some issues with them which would lead us to ask for all units to be recalled to fix the issues.

Issue 1.

The Incubator has not been marked with:-

a. Its Model Number

b. Its rated voltage

c. The nature of the supply or rated frequency.

d. Its rated output

e. The symbol 5172 of IEC 60417 to show class II

f. The warning ‘Do Not Cover’ or the symbol IEC60417-5641 together with the Prohibition sign.

g. The warning ‘read the instructions’ or the symbol ISO7000-0790.

Issue 1 Fix.

We need to make the following changes by applying a label:-

a. Add model number PT-60M – P&T Poultry

b. Label to correctly state rated voltage of 220-240V

c. Label to state nature of supply or frequency (50Hz a.c.)

d. Label to show rated input (115W)

e. Add symbol to label

f. Apply label to the lid section stating ‘DO NOT COVER’

g. Apply Label stating ‘Read Instructions’

Issue 2.

The instructions for use must be provided with the appliance so that the appliance can be used safely; and for those instructions to contain the required warnings and statements.

Issue 2 Fix.

We need to add to the instructions

a. This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instructions concerning use of the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.

b. Any repairs shall be carried out only by a suitably qualified person.

Issue 3

The top mesh is held but spring washers and this grill can be removed without the aid of a tool to gain access to live parts

Issue 3 fix

We need to

Remove the spring washers and replace with nylon nuts.

Issue 4.

A tiny finger can be placed under the top blue box and touch the basic insulation to the wires.

Issue 4 Fix.

We will attach a cover to ensure this is not possible.

Issue 5

The incubator dial knob has inadequate insulation.

Issue 5 fix

We will replace the dial knob.

Issue 6

The chord on the appliance is in the form of a cable gland but the chord can be pulled out under pressure.

Issue 6 fix

We will replace the cord holder with a more secure one.


I am sorry we have had to send you this letter but it is vital we do so in order to ensure there is no risk to the user of the incubator we have sold you.

I would ask you return the incubator you purchased as soon as you can and would kindly ask you stop from using it as soon as you read this letter.

The ideal company to use for return would be www.myhermes.co.uk if you could kindly return the top part of the incubator we will resolve these issues as swiftly as we can and get the unit returned to you.

If you have any questions regarding this product recall we have set up a dedicated telephone number 0844 357 2840 where we will be happy to discuss it with you.

I apologise for these problems and inconvenience but we will resolve as soon as we can for you but it is vital we are able to make the alterations ensuring you have a safe unit.

Kind regards

Trevor Marshall

P&T Poultry

We have taken the decision next year to only offer hatching eggs of a much limited range. We will be offering Red and Blue Orpingtons only for 2014, due to many new developments under our Titan Incubators range we do not have the time to give to our birds that we should so I will let some go over the winter and this way i can sell quality and give them the best of my time to allow best breeding and bird quality.

Titan Incubators have launched their new website in test mode today so the shop is not 100% live currently but should be by the end of next week but the main aim of the site is to be a customer friendly site with a full and inclusive knowledge base being built up over time. www.titanincubators.com also has a blog that will be informative so please don’t hesitate to register for that but also very importantly they have created a forum on their site now please register for this and please psot as much as you can as it would be wonderful with all your help to really build this into a forum that really helps new people into the hobby but also those whom are experienced. The other thing Titan have done is built a support request system so now you can book repairs and servicing direct through their website not only for Titan Incubators products but they will also be doing servicing and repairs for RCOM incubator products in the UK as well. Please pay them a visit as soon as you can :)

You will all be aware that the blog has been very quite now for nearly 6 months, I am sorry for this but i seemed to have been locked away in my little room working with designers and engineers on a range of products I have been working on and on and on….. It is amazing as my first project I started work in May 2011 is only finally near testing completion, I think had i have know the true cost in time and funds back then I may have understood why my suppliers do things the way they want instead of the way the customers want but finally perseverance and projects seem to be coming together around me. This week alone we launch our own brand of nebuliser the Titan Incubators Nebuliser, which is possibly the quietest on the market and possibly one of the best built at £44.99.

You may also have seen we launched the Titan Heat Lamp Bulb with hard glass able to withstand many more pet types than poultry & waterfowl, in fact our biggest numbers are sold to kennels and catteries.

Of course with the Titan Heat Bulb, then we must have been developing a Titan Heat Lamp and yes we did and in under 3 weeks this should also go on sale and with energy saving an important part of all costs now then we have added a high and low setting on the unit.

Also in the next 3-4 weeks we will be launching an upgraded 48 egg incubator but with a lot of hard work in sourcing parts etc we hope to be launching the automatic 48 egg incubator at somewhere around £119.99 which is a truly stunning price.

Again in 8-10 weeks finally our Titan Incubators Light & Timer Door opener will be for sale.

An exciting month or two ahead but my best and most secret projects will also be here in about 6 months, from starting their design back in May 2011 we will finally be ready to bring to market some real ground breaking products but I will tell more around Christmas time on these.

Unfortunately we have been delayed on our door opener for launch due to testing went well in hot, cold and wet conditions but in conditions below -8c we had some issues with ice effecting the light sensor so we have been trying different parts ever since but finally we have found a sensor that works in all conditions down to -20 so after passing all tests on our 3 test boards we will now build a production run of 100 units that we will test again and then hopefully the Titan Incubators Light & Timer Door opener should be ready for sale by August/September 2013 just in time for the shorter days to be rolling in.

Hi all, somehow all staff have managed to get in today despite the snow being over 4″ thick at 8.30am but with the rate it is still comming down we may have to close early today.

The beauty with rural mid wales is the countryside is beautiful and it really is a pleaseure to work here but the downside is when we get weather like today many of our roads are abandoned.

I already do not believe we will see any carriers today but if the snow gets to about 6-8″ then we must close as even with 4×4’s we will struggle to get home and it would not be safe for my staff.

I will give further updates on the website throughout the day if needed.

I would like to thank all of our customers over the last year for all of their custom in such hard times as we all face currently and truly hope the situation improves for us all in 2013. We are now closed until the 2nd of January 2013 to enjoy our festive break.

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I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I have great news, after over 12 months of testing and designing the new titan incubators chicken house door opener has been passed for production in feb/march 2013 :) along with a hugly upgraded timer model.

The new light sensor door opener model will be as easy to operate as the current timer model but rather than just opening and closing on a timer you will have four programs options :-

1. Open on Light - Close on Light

2. Open on Timer - Close on Light

3. Open on Light - Close on Timer

4. Open on Timer - Close on Timer

For a great estimated selling price of £94-£95 just £10 above the timer option I am sure this will be a great selling unit.

I have today signed off on another Titan Incubators new product, believe it or not it has taken me over 6months to design a quality egg box at very close price to our economy egg boxes but of course as a far superior product. I have had to commit to 4 orders of 250,000 units to get the price to a half sensible level. I have been looking at egg boxes far and wide and seeing what is good and bad about them and of course number 1 is price but in speaking with many of my regular customers I am told for an extra 1p per carton they would gladly pay for a superior product so my plan was hatched and yesterday I signed of on our new egg carton mold. According to my investment advisor at the currency trading companies, my personal investment in this small profit line is huge for the tiny financial return but I really like bringing superior products to my customers and I am certain the quality for small price change will not only aid my current customers but also bring in new customers with a quality end product to present and sell their eggs at gate. I am hoping once we finalise the production schedule we should have our new cartons for sale by mid July 2012. I am sure you will appreciate the quality jump from our current economy units.

I am sorry for those expecting part 2 of the video today but I have ruptured my achillies on saturday whilst seeding a field for my bees. I am on crutches currently but I have a special can walker arriving tomorrow, if it does I will try to do part 2 then but if not the ideal candling window will have passed and I will have to set more eggs after these hatch. I am sorry for this but I really can not candle eggs on crutches sorry :(

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